Presenting a compelling Mission, establishing clear standards for individual conduct, and valuing diverse inclusion are key to any thriving organization. Above and beyond, aligning your team’s beliefs and setting expectations for daily actions are instrumental in creating the bi-product and results that you set out to achieve.

Casey Elmore


Ann Arbor Skyline H.S.

“During Jeremy’s time as our Athletic Director at Ann Arbor Skyline High School he united many stakeholders, of different interests, culminating in many successes for our 32 varsity sports programs. He formed meaningful relationships and established a culture of excellence, rooted in the values of Growth, Purpose and Solidarity. As a strong leader with insightful leadership skills, Jeremy played a key role in elevating our entire school community.”

Huston Julian


Richards Middle School

I have known Jeremy Barkey since we were in high school, and he has always been a leader effective in fostering the power of teamwork. Along his professional journey, Jeremy has cultivated his passion and gifts for speaking, mentoring, and coaching. He has done this through his experiences in Athletics (as a player and coach), Education (as a teacher and athletic director), Business (as a lead executive in a growing and successful company), and Leadership (as a Father and Husband). Simply stated, Jeremy consistently lives out his values with character and integrity, through both word and deed, and is skilled at helping others do the same.

 As a culture champion, Jeremy places emphasis on connection. He helps leaders and teams meet their present and future opportunities via collaboration and authentic partnership. Leaders mentored by Jeremy learn to build the capacity of the people around them to be constantly learning, reflecting, and growing with others in accomplishing their goals. I’m grateful to know Jeremy and look forward to working with him again in the future.