A true Leader aims to serve those they lead by guiding them toward their personal best version, in alignment with the team goal. To enhance the ability to influence others well, a leader must eagerly pursue authentic self-discovery,  dedicated commitment, and model a standard of excellence.

Kirk Cousins


Atlanta Falcons

“I’ve known Jeremy Barkey for over 15 years, first meeting at an Athletes in Action function. Since that time, I’ve worked alongside Jeremy to mentor and coach high school QBs at the Pinnacle Passing Camp when I was at Michigan State and have maintained contact with him throughout my career. I have always known Jeremy to lead from a place of sincerity and expertise. He is a teacher and coach by nature and, as his life and career attest to, an effective servant leader who equips those he leads with intention and clarity.”

Lynn Guerin


John R Wooden Course

I have known Jeremy for 30 years and have watched him work hard to achieve excellence in every aspect of his education, life, and professional journey. As a mentor to Jeremy over these many years, I would characterize him as a servant leader, a teacher, an excellent problem solver and consultant, and at his essence; a born coach.

For Jeremy I believe that means seeing the best in every person. Seeing who they are and who they can become. And being eager to invest his time, effort, energy, knowledge, faith, and abilities to help individuals and teams become their best as professionals and even more importantly as people. Jeremy is a difference maker and a man of impact bent on serving and helping others make the world a better place for everyone.